Shire of Tammin

Refuse Collection Day

Shire of Tammin Refuse collection is weekly on a Friday.


There will be no changes to your collection service for the Labour Day Public Holiday.

When can I put my bin out?

Bins need to be placed on the kerb by 6am on the morning of your collection day to ensure your bin is collected.

Where should I place my bin for collection?

Your bin needs to be placed on the kerb with unobstructed access. Your bin should face the road with the handles facing your property. If you have more than one refuse service, it is important to place the bins at least 50cms apart to ensure there is no interference with the collection arm.

How do I get a refuse bin?

Each new service receives a 240Lt Refuse Bin. This bin remains the property of Avon Waste. If the Refuse Bin is lost, stolen or wilfully damaged, it is the resident’s responsibility to pay for a replacement Refuse Bin. To arrange a new or additional service to your property, you need to contact your Local Shire. All properties in the town boundary are required to have a refuse service. To purchase a replacement bin contact our office on 9641 1318. Bins need to be paid for before they are delivered.

Why wasn’t my bin collected?

There are a couple reasons why a bin may not be emptied.

  • Your bins were not placed out on time.
  • Your bins may have been obstructed by parked cars or trees for example.
  • Your bin was overweight. The maximum weight your bin can be is 70kg.
  • Some of the refuse is stuck in the bin causing refuse not to empty when the bin is tipped. Foam, polystyrene, grass clippings are common causes for this.
  • You have placed unacceptable items in your bin.
  • You do not have a refuse service. If this is the case you need to contact the shire to arrange one.

If your bin was missed and you are unsure as to why, please contact our office on 9641 1318.

What can’t I place in the refuse bin?

Please refrain from placing hot or burning ashes, bricks, rocks, soil, paints, hazardous material, solvents or liquid waste into your bin.

How will my bin collection be affected by public holidays?

Your refuse will be collected as normal on most public holidays. The only exception to this is Christmas day. If your collection day falls on this day, alternative arrangements will be made and you will be advised by your Local Shire it will also be posted in 'Important Information' on this Website.

My bin is broken, how do I fix this?

Occasionally over the life time of your bin, parts may be required to be replaced. For example, bin lids, lid pins, wheels and axles. These items will be replaced where possible if the damage is incurred as part of normal wear and tear of the bin. To report any repairs, please contact the Avon Waste office.