Avon Waste provides Local Governments with a range of Recycling collection options. The most common is a kerbside collection involving a yellow top “wheelie” bin. We also provide Shires with a bulk recycling option as a stand-alone programme or to support the kerbside operation.

For information of what can be recycled please visit the Recycle Right website:

All recycling is transported back to our Recycling Transfer Station which is located in York. Once deposited at this site the material is pre-sorted to take out any obvious contamination. The Recyclable product is then loaded into a Walking Floor semi-trailer before being transported to a Material Recovery Facility(MRF) in Perth.

This MRF is responsible for the further sorting of the comingled Recycling. From here items are individually baled and processed before being sent to markets both locally and overseas.

All material identified as recyclable is recycled by Avon Waste. No material is taken to Landfill.