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Our Story

Avon Waste has been operating successfully throughout Western Australian in the waste management arena for 30 years.  We bring together expertise in managing operations across a wide geographic area, serving local and state governments, as well as the commercial & industrial sectors across Western Australia. 

We see ourselves as resource management professionals; whether it’s managing the physical fleet and personnel resources that carry out the operations across Western Australia; or the waste and recyclable resources that we collect for recycling or ultimate disposal.  Whichever it is, we endeavor to ensure that we manage these systems in a sustainable manner, for the benefit of our customers, the communities that we serve and the environment in which we operate.

While our background developed  in regional Western Australia, we are continuing to expand the range of services that we offer our regional customer base and extend our services into larger regional and metropolitan centres.

Innovative Waste Management Solutions

From our experience, we see much of the waste stream as a resource, for example those items that are suitable for recycling.  These resources can often be diverted from landfill, particularly given the range of equipment and practices that are more readily available today.  Wherever possible, we utilise our expertise as resource managers, to overcome the challenges of the distances to be travelled and the volumes to be managed in providing the appropriate service in a sustainable manner.

We Take Resource Recovery and Recycling Seriously - and – Like You, We are Serious about caring for our Environment

More and more of our regional customers are seeking sustainable resource recovery and recycling solutions that are similar to those available in larger population centres.  Given the capabilities that we have developed over time in providing our services, we are more able to focus these capabilities on diverting increasing amounts of waste from landfill and recovering recyclable materials for beneficial use.

Our Team

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Manager of Finance and Administration

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