There are some changes to what can be recycled as a result of processors in Perth getting together and agreeing on a standard list. These changes are part of an effort to try and reduce contamination and make recycling easier for everyone to understand.

By having a clear and consistent range of recycling items, it not only makes it easier to understand which bin to put it in, but in the long term will lead to better outcomes for recycling in Western Australia!


The Major Changes:


Aerosol Cans - are made from recyclable materials but can pose a risk to staff and equipment during the process of collecting and separating the contents of your recycling bins. They are classed as hazardous household waste (HHW) and instead of being placed in your kerbside recycling bins, should be taken to your local HHW disposal site. To find your closest drop off location visit


Soft (scrunchable) Plastics - like plastic bags, bread bags, plastic wrappers and glad wrap are difficult products to recycle through a kerbside recycling bin and are often mixed up with other lightweight streams like paper at the recovery facility, causing contamination of other materials such as paper and cardboard. A good test to see if it's a soft plastic is the 'Scrunch Test' - if you can scrunch the plastic item up into a ball then it can't be placed in your recycle bin but can be taken to a RedCycle drop off bin, which are located at most major supermarkets. RedCycle collects clean soft plastics from drop off points around the country and works with Australian manufacturer Replas to turn this material into a range of recycled plastic products. To find your closest drop off point visit


For more information on what can and can't be recycled please visit