Avon Waste has a New Home!


The process of building has been a long one but it has been worth the wait!

We'll take you through the Stages...


Workshop / Shed Build

One of the first parts of the construction was preparation of the site and then installation of rain water tanks to store our water needs for the facility.

Construction of 3 sheds to house our operations was the next step in the build. Photos below show the sheds during construction. 



Office Building

Next began the process of constructing and fitting out our Office building. 


We now have a great facility that includes a conference room plenty of room for storage and a great kitchen/dinning area for staff to eat lunch.    


Voila - The (Almost) Finished Site!

And so finally we are in. The actual date for moving our office was 15th June 2018 with the workshop and trucks moving a couple of weeks earlier than this.

We are so excited to be in our new home. We have so much space in the office and workshop areas and great state of the art facilities. We still have a few things to do but the majority of it has been completed.


We had an Official Openening on 27th July 2018 cutting both a ceremonial ribbon and a fantastic cake.

For anyone that would like to visit our site please call us to arrange a time.


Ashley Fisher, Jeremy Fisher, Carol Fisher & Graeme Fisher    
Ashley Fisher, Delys Sherry & Jeremy Fisher